The Saboteur by Andrew Gross preview

I don’t know much about Andrew Gross other than he’s one of those bestselling authors who co-wrote books with bestselling author James Patterson. My eyes kind of slip over those books when I see them in bookshops to be honest. But his new book caught my eye.

Titled The Saboteur, it is set in World War Two and appears to deal with the Norwegian resistance sabotaging the production of heavy water for the German atomic bomb program.

Actually his previous book The One Man is also set in World War Two so I might pick that one up in paperback.

Incidently the publication of this one is officially 21 September but I saw a trade paperback in my local bookshop yesterday so that’s how I know about it.



It is 1943, and the Nazis’ stranglehold over Europe is starting to loosen. In a corner of Norway, work is underway at a remote mountain factory to alter that course . . .


Kurt Nordstrum is a courageous fighter who has lost everything. His fiancee. His unit. His cause. When Kurt learns of the Nazis’ atomic research in his homeland, he teams up with a group of patriotic fighters, driven by one goal: to disrupt activity at the heavily guarded factory.


Nordstrum must pull off the impossible if his team is to succeed. But in doing so, he must put the safety of one person at risk – the one he sees a life with. How far is he prepared to go, and how much is he willing to sacrifice? The Saboteur is a thrilling historical espionage story by the internationally bestselling author Andrew Gross.