The Outsider by Stephen King review

Stephen King’s new novel The Outsider is a murder mystery, albeit one with a supernatural element as you might expect from this author.

The novel opens with the very public arrest of local baseball coach Terry Maitland for the particularly heinous murder of a young boy. The police led by detective Ralph Anderson are confident in making such a public arrest due to the numerous eyewitnesses who are adamant they saw Maitland immediately before and immediately after the crime plus compelling forensic evidence.

Maitland protests hits innocence throughout. And he has good reason to. His alibi is what would be considered watertight. He was many miles away from home in the presence of his work colleagues when the crime was taking place. But the police and the angry townsfolk are just as sure that he did it.

As the investigation continues and further tragedy strikes the police and prosecutor begin to realise that the case is not so open and shut. Soon they find themselves on the trail of a serial killer with very unique abilities.

The Outsider is a particularly gripping novel from Stephen King. It’s probably my favourite book by the author in quite some time.

As an added bonus fans of his recent Mr Mercedes trilogy will welcome the return of a memorable character from those books.

The Outsider is published today in hardcover in the UK by Hodder books.

Thanks to Hodder for providing me with a review copy.