The Narrow Bed by Sophie Hannah review


The Narrow Bed is the latest and I believe tenth book in Sophie Hannah’s long running Culver Valley Crime detective series.

A serial killer is killing pairs of best friends. There is no apparent connection between the pairs of victims. The only clue is that the victims were in possession of small white books. The media have dubbed the killer Billy Dead Mates.

Part of the story is related as segments of another autobiographical book called Origami by a stand-up comedian called Kim Tribbeck. She describes how she realises she is also in possession with one of the white books. Does this mean she is the next victim?

Meanwhile a feminist columnist called Sondra Halliday has convinced herself that the killers motive is misogyny, despite the small detail that one of the victims was male.

This is the first of the author’s Culver Valley books that I had read so I’m the first to admit it maybe wasn’t the one I should have started with as I didn’t feel any connection to the characters. Also the motive of the murderer when revealed struck me as very far-fetched, although I grant it was original.

The Narrow Bed is out in hardback on 11 February 2016.

Thanks the Hodder Books for the review copy.