The Limehouse Golem by Peter Ackroyd movie tie-in

This afternoon I discovered a soon to be released movie called The Limehouse Golem. Set in Victorian London it deals with the hunt for a serial killer predating Jack the Ripper.

And it turns out the movie is based on a novel by Peter Ackroyd, so inevitably there is a tie-in edition on the way.

Incidently the movie stars Olivia Cooke who has become one of my favourite actresses after seeing her in Bates Motel which I can strongly recommend.

Here’s the blurb…

Dan Leno, the great music hall comedian, was known in his lifetime as ‘the funniest man on earth’. So how could he have been involved in one of the most curious episodes in London’s history when, in a short period during the autumn of 1880, a series of murders was attributed to the mysterious ‘Limehouse Golem’?

In Peter Ackroyd’s novel the world of late-Victorian music hall and pantomime becomes implicated in a number of sinister scenes and episodes, and the connection between the light and dark sides of nineteenth-century London begins to attract contemporary figures as George Gissing and Karl Marx. But there are also less well-known characters who play a significant role in the narrative. What, for example, is the secret of Elizabeth Cree, about to hang for the murder of her husband?

The Limehouse Golem is published in paperback by Vintage books on 24 Aug 2017.