Spies of Warsaw by Alan Furst on BBC

This caught my eye in Waterstones today. It seems that Spies of Warsaw, one of Alan Furst’s WW2 era spy thrillers, has been adapted by the BBC.


I think the cover design could have been a little more dynamic. Seems that the publisher is pushing the romance element.

Here’s the blurb:

On a cool October evening in 1937, German engineer and secret agent Herr Edvard Uhl arrives in Warsaw. He suppresses a chill of fear. Tonight, he will be with his mistress; tomorrow, he will be at a bar, where he will meet with a French military attache. Information will be exchanged for money.

War is coming to Europe. And although bombs and bullets have yet to fly, French and German operatives are already caught in a deadly espionage battle. In a war of intelligence and subterfuge, no spy can help being drawn into the murky world of abduction, betrayal and intrigue.

There is more information about the BBC adaptation at the following link.


Which yields the picture below…


Yes, that’s former Doctor Who David Tennant along with a co-star in full “Hayley Atwell in BBC adaptation of Restless” mode. It is interesting timing, doing this one hot on the heels of Restless.

Still, I’m not complaining. I’ve been meaning to read some of Furst’s books for a while as he’s always being favourably compared to Philip Kerr.