Philip Kerr Reissues of The Shot and A Philosophical Investigation

Since Philip Kerr’s untimely passing in 2018 his publisher Quercus has been reissuing some of his non-Bernie Gunther works.

Earlier this year they published a new hardback edition of his World War Two thriller Hitler’s Peace which I enjoyed very much.

(Incidentally I would slightly take issue with the description of it being an alternate history story and would instead describe it as entertaining speculation of what might have happened behind the scenes.)

In the last couple of months Quercus has put out new paperbacks of two other books originally published in the 1990s.

The Shot was published on 6 August 2020 and deals with a plot to assassinate JFK.

Darkly imaginative alternative history thriller from the global bestseller and author of the Bernie Gunther thrillers.

America, 1960. In Washington, DC, John F Kennedy has just been elected President. In Havana, Fidel Castro has been in office for a year, and with Cold War tensions rapidly heating up and the Soviets leading the space race, the thought of a Communist leader so close to home is already raising American blood pressure.

Anti-communist fever is rampant in the USA, with a paranoid establishment seeing reds under every bed. Nevertheless, the decision to snuff out the threat of Castro by hiring Tom Jefferson, America’s best assassin, to kill him comes from an unusual quarter: the Mafia.

But Jefferson’s very skillset that makes him the perfect man for this job also ensures he has no qualms in double crossing his criminal paymasters. Jefferson has no issue with Castro: his preferred target is someone much closer to home…

A Philosophical Investigation was first published in 1992 and is set in the far off future world of 2013. A new edition was published on 9 July 2020.

London, 2013, and the city is battling an epidemic of serial killings – even with the widespread government use of DNA detection, brain-imaging, and the ‘punitive coma’.

Detective Isadora ‘Jake’ Jacowicz is hunting a murderer, code-named ‘Wittgenstein,’ who has taken it upon himself to eliminate anyone who has tested positive for a tendency towards violent behaviour – even if they’ve never committed a crime.

His intellectual brilliance is matched only by his homicidal madness.