No Dominion by Louise Welsh out now

Back at the end of 2015 I read Death is a Welcome Guest, the second book of the post-apocalyptic Plage Times Trilogy by Louise Welsh. I found it to be a gripping page turner and enjoyed it very much

Now I’ve just discovered that book three of the series, No Dominion, was published in hardback last month. So on to my “to buy” list it goes.

In the meantime here is the blurb…

It is seven years since the Sweats wiped out most of the world’s population. But for those who survived the outbreak, life has gone on. Stevie Flint and Magnus McFall are now part of a small community on the Orkney Islands, without mobile phones or TV, without antibiotics or fuel, who are trying to rebuild the rudiments of democratic civilisation.

When three strangers arrive on the islands, however, they upset the fragile community, bringing long-buried tensions to the surface. Realising that a number of the islands’ young are missing, Stevie and Magnus set off on a journey to the mainland to get them back – a mainland swarming with outlaw gangs, and where self-appointed autocrats and religious fanatics hold sway…

Thrilling and breathless, No Dominion asks what happens when the scaffolding of civilisation collapses, and how far we’d go to preserve our humanity.

No Dominion (Plague Times Trilogy book 3) by Louise Welsh was published by John Murray in hardback on 13 July 2017.