Light Touch by Stephen Leather review

Light touch is the 14th book in Stephen Leather’s long running series featuring former SAS soldier Dan Shepherd.

As with the other books in the series the book starts with Shepherd and his team in the middle of an operation. Here they are tailing some suspected jihadist terrorists in London and have to improvise when it becomes clear a terrorist atrocity is about to take place.

After that the book splits into two main plots threads. In one Shepherd is on a mission to infiltrate a drug baron’s operation. There already is a female police officer working undercover but he must discover if she has been turned.

Meanwhile a new character, SAS soldier Matt Standing, is introduced. We first meet him on an operation in Syria where we discover he isn’t above disobeying orders he thinks are wrong and punching superior officers. This gets him send back to Britain for anger management therapy.

When back in London he tries to get in touch with his young sister only to discover the shocking news that she has died in a drug overdose. This sets him off on an unofficial mission to get the men responsible.

I have to say I found the Matt Standing storyline the most compelling part of the book and it’s given the series a new lease of life.

Thanks to Hodder for the review copy.

Publication date of Light Touch was 27 July 2017 so it is out in hardback now in the UK.