1. keep up the good work.I read 2 to three books a week at work{easy job} and am always looking for new authors.Your taste is the same as mine i.e. must be believable with a superb story,I think you have helped me find some new ones
    Thanks Martyn

  2. Hi Jack (no pun intended!)
    I’ve read your review of Gerald Seymour’s Jericho’s War. When I read that this was his new book, I asked my local library to get it in, which they did. An excellent thriller (and I’ve read most if not all of Seymour’s novels from Harry’s Game onwards) and I enjoyed your review. I did spot an error around page 260 (not sure of the page number and I’ve returned the book to the library) – where he describes the Emir’s vehicle as a Toyota when it’s in the garage being checked, and a couple of pages later, it’s described as a Nissan. Several pages on, and it reverts to being a Toyota. I would have expected the proofreader to pick that up.

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