Black River by Tom Harper preview

A browse on Amazon UK has revealed a number of books of interest that are due to be published in the first half of 2015. So here is the first preview.

One of my reading highlights of 2014 was the Arctic adventure Zodiac Station by Tom Harper. This was a welcome addition to the sadly neglected sub genre of adventure stories as exemplified by Alastair Maclean, albeit updated for twenty-first century readers.

Harper must have enjoyed the experience as it looks like his next book, Black River, will fit very comfortably beside Zodiac Station.


Here’s the blurb…

Perfect for fans of Dan Brown and The Lost City of Z. Tom Harper has taken you to the underworld. He’s taken you to the Arctic. Now he’s taking you to the deadliest jungle on earth.

When Kel MacDonald joins an expedition looking for a legendary lost city in the Peruvian Amazon, he’s expecting the adventure of a lifetime. But things are not what they seem. Paramilitaries, drug cartels, and wildcat prospectors all want what the jungle has to offer – while untamed local tribes will fight desperately to protect their way of life. Maps of the region have been doctored. And what exactly happened to the previous expedition, a government vaccination program that went upriver and never returned?

Soon finding the lost city is the least of their troubles. The jungle hides deadly secrets that must be hidden at all costs.

And someone in the group wants to make sure they never get out.

Black River is due to be published by Hodder on 7 May 2015. Ok, that’s six months away but mark it on your calendar.