A Dying Breed by Peter Hanington review


A Dying Breed is the debut thriller by BBC reporter Peter Hanington The book is largely set in Afghanistan and features BBC staff stationed in the country who stumble on a conspiracy

William Carver is a BBC reporter who has just returned to Afghanistan. Immediately upon arriving he attends the scene of a bombing at a tailors shop and discovers that an Afghan political figure has been killed in the bombing. However some things don’t add up about the bombing and Carver thinks he sees the fingerprints of British intelligence involvement.

Carver pursues the story with his Afghan interpreter and assistant Kamal. Patrick Reid, a young member of BBC news staff, is also dispatched to Kabul to assist Carver. However both Reid and Kamal get kidnapped by armed men and are held prisoner where they are interrogated about what they know about the bombing.

Meanwhile British agents are also trying to discover how much Carver knows in advance of an important telecommunication infrastructure contract being awarded.

A Dying Breed is a well written and compelling debut thriller. Hanington is particularly good at painting his characters and is clearly mining his own experiences as a reporter in Afghanistan to make the book feel authentic.


A Dying Breed is published in hardcover by Two Roads on 7 April 2016.

Thanks to the publisher for my review copy.